We will build special and precious contextual backlinks, at homepages and inner pages, from unique referring IPs, high PR high Authority domains and different platforms to diversify your backlink profile: wiki, video sharing, doc sharing, blog, forum,....
No ----> SAPE, spammed blog comment, profiles, nofollow wiki blast,...
All backlinks are from related niches, unique readable articles and drip fed in 40 days (or farster based on your demand).

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Your site will get SERP raising for most of keywords within 40 days from the date we confirm its onpage seo. If you are not satisfied with the result when we inform, we will grant a full refund, no question asked.
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Saying this, we want you to know that while our backlink packages are very powerful, it may have small effect when your onpage SEO is poorly done. And even though we are a service provider - we need customers, but we do not want to sell our service knowing that it would neither provide any benefit nor help improve customers' ranking.
Considering your website as our own, we will take care of it and strive to make it rank higher. But in order to do that, your website must be onpage optimized properly first and you should be well aware of the value our service provides.
You should be good at web building or you should hire someone who is capable to help us handle on page seo stuffs. If you are not ready to make changes on pages adapting to our guidelines in short time ( max 72 hours) then our service is not for you. So please make careful consideration before contacting us to save our time and yours.

Buying SEO is not like playing the lottery
  • Your site must be 2+ months old with at least 20+ indexed pages at Google. The landing page must have 700+ words unique and readable content optimized for the keywords you send us with social signal butons installed: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook like.
  • You have to submit at least 3 related keywords to diversify anchor text and to prevent being banned due to over-optimization. We also use null url, domain anchor text and organic keywords at some ratios to make the links totally natural.
  • Non English keywords with local Google SEs are accepted. So, dominate your local Google now while it's not saturated yet. We specialize in LOCAL SEO at countries beblow:

  • Europe




  • These are backlink packages with no report to protect our network and our customers profits.
  • These packages are best for micro niches or low and medium competitive niches. If you are involved in broad niches with hundreds of long tailed keywords, high competitive niches or custom orders for lots of sites at the same niche, please contact us with details. We love to work in big projects that could dominate the SERP with dozens of sites ranking at hundreds of keywords.

Backlinking is one of the most effective ways to get some good back links to the site. You have to carefully buy links if you want to improve the quality of your website in search engine rankings.

How to buy backlinks?

buy backlinks

This is not an easy answer. There are many important things that you have to check before buy backlinks. Due to the most recent updates on Google everyone started worrying about how to buy links and from whom to. Getting quality links pointing to your site can take a lot of research, time and evaluation. People usually don’t care much about the links that they get from their link providers. Some of the trusted ways include forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, article submissions and guest posting. One of the main concerns for this backlinking is that you end up in spending a lot of time on researching on what forums to post, where to comment, etc... forgetting your actual website, where readers will be waiting for updates. So, wouldn’t it be nice to get some good links by selecting an autopilot? Yes, you can buy backlinks from any of the trusted sources, who can takecare your entire back linking process. Also, ensure that you don’t provide all your admin rights to the link building services, but make them as a user to the website and give certain rights. Monitor all the process continuously until they finish all kinds of link building to the website.

Link building service

Evaluate Link building service as a backlink service

So, now you’ve got good link building service provider, a website and some good number of readers who visits your site regularly. This is the right time to evaluate the link building service provider by asking many questions like how many backlinks they can provide, are they trusted sources, are they doing any kind of guest posting on some non-useful sites, etc... As a website owner you always have enough rights to question your link building service provider. Once they provide all the information, you have to check all the sources individually as after Google updates there are many sites that have been penalized and have been marked as non-trusty sites. So, make sure that your service provider doesn’t give all those sources for link building purposes. If you’re doing guest posting, ensure to use some question formats like how to, did you know and some more that are being frequently used by the users. There are many service providers who promise many backlinks to your website within short time. If you’re taking any kind of service, always verify and check their each of their steps and have control on what they are doing.

Link wheel

When you want to buy links - Uses of back links

Linkwheel is the process of creating multiple websites and then providing a back link from each of the website by posting continuous articles on the blogs. This whole process is used for good ranking in the search engines and makes your website to compete with your competitors’ website. Many websites online have the same kind of content making the competition very challenging. So, many website owners started using linkwheel as a strategy for getting good ranking in the internet. Link wheel is one the strategies for online business owners to come up than their competitors. The major idea for this concept is to get many backlinks from different sites that can be controlled by you. You can use some free software like blogger and wordpress to post copy free content and then provide back link to the main website. One of the best ways to do off-page optimization is through back links, which can be done from popular link building services.

Link building services

Why Link building services?

Want to build some good back links to your site and then you should contact one link building services immediately for additional help. Due to the increase in black hat SEO, Google has updated its panda and penguin updates introducing many new techniques for getting ranks in search engines. So, when the crawlers search for some trustworthy links that gives some back links to your website, the crawlers will go through all the internet and picks up the data. Once you have enough backlinks pointing to your website, crawlers will rate the site and then they will rank the websites. Previously this process used to be very easy like everyone use to follow this process. But, as Google changes its policies every time, you have to be more careful and get one professional help for link building services to work on your site. Some website owners think that this is very easy and anyone could easily do it at low costs. But, as Google is very particular on the kind of back links your site gets, it is always advisable to take the suggestion from link building services.

link wheel service

Quality not quantity- buy link wheel service for backlinking

When coming to purchasing links from other sites, always make sure that the site is well ranked and doesn’t support any other kind of black hat SEO or other things. Google doesn’t consider all the links pointing to your site as the guidelines say that Google consider all those links from trustworthy sites, but not from all sites. Whenever you buy link wheel service, make sure that the links are good enough for Google to consider as one good backlink to the site. There are many services who promise that they provide good link wheel service and you just buy link wheel service from them without even trying to find out what kind of links do they actually provide. Most of the services provide un-trusty links and indirectly make your site to get penalized from Google. So, always ensure that you buy link wheel service from the sources that give you good ranking rather than the ones that make your site penalized from Google.


Will linkwheel be useful for getting good back link?

We all know that links are pretty good for the websites, but what exactly is linkwheel? The higher quality links you have, the more possibility you have to rank higher on search engines. Of course there are many other factors that can get you on top of your competitors, but linkwheel is an offsite technique. Right now this is one of the most discussed topics in link building. Linkwheel is the process of creating many microsites or blogs on each topic from your website. You can write 200 words of short and unique content on each of those sites and can include one targeting to your website and one link to any other microsites. Now, the main part of it is all the links created will form like backlink providers and you can benefit a lot from the attributes of these sites. Also, by adding new links to every site, we can actually increase the reputation on internet and get good ranking.