Check a Website and See If Is It down for Everyone or Just Me

Check a Website and See If Is It down for Everyone or Just Me

You are browsing the internet usual then there is a website that you want to visit but when you open the address you encounter an error, something like “connection error” or “the website is down”. At this moment, you will usually ask yourself: “is this site down for everyone or just me?”. And you are not the only one who has that doubt. At any moment in the world, there are thousands of people encounter the same problems and most of them would also ask themselves the same question as you.
Is it just me or the website is down?

A website is a combination of many parts (domain, host, server and many more) and sometimes just one part is not working then the whole website is down link wheel service. As for a website, there are many reasons why it is down, some common issues are: domain (expired, DNS, etc.), hosting (out of bandwidth, host link building service down, maintenance, etc.), the site is misconfigured (error 500, 404, 403, etc.), internet connection, etc. There are virtually, hundreds of problem that can cause a site to not displayed correctly, among those there are problems that come from the website itself (host, domain, server, etc.) and there are problems that come from you side (IP, internet connection, computer configure, etc.). Knowing what is the cause will help you a lot in figuring out why the web site is not working. And it is the answer to you about “whether the website is actually down or just me”.


Great tools to check if a website is really down or just me

That is why there are some online free tools that allow you to check to see if the website is down for everyoneor is it just you who experience the problem. These tools are generally simple, all you have to do is go to the site and enter the URL address of the site that you want to check to see is it down or not and click the button. The tools will the try to ping the provided URL address from various locations in the world and if the website is actually down then it will display a message “It’s not just you! looks down from here.” That means all of the pings from various locations also result in the error and the web site is actually down for everyone, not just you. But if you receive this message “It’s just you! is up.” then that means the website is actually fine and you are the only one who have the trouble accessing the site.

With just a simple click this tool help you determine the root of the problem and tell you why you cannot accessing the URL address that you want. When you have settled about the general issues why the site is not load then you might have a better chance at fixing it. To help you clarify, below i will list out some possible reasons that might cause the website to be down for everyone or it is just you who have the trouble.
If a domain is expired then it is due to the owner of the domain forget to pay the renewal fee to the registrar or may be the owner do not want to continue the website anymore and decide to let it expires. Hosting issues often involving bandwidth of the site, when the bandwidth is depleted, the website will not displayed anymore until the owner purchase more bandwidth or the hosting plan circle returns (usually at the start of each month). It is also possible that just like with domain, the owner do not pay the hosting link wheel service in time that is why the site is down. Sometimes it is the problem with the hosting link wheel service; they will have to shut down temporary in order to maintenance their server to make sure that it is working optimally. It is also not uncommon for the site to display error because of its own misconfiguration. This usually happens because the site owner or the web administrator does some modifications to the website and unknowingly makes some mistakes which result in the error. Usually when the site is the one having problems then there is little you can do and most likely you will have to find another place for your information. The best you can do it this moment is to send the admin a message telling them about the situation of the site so that they might soon aware of it.
Why is it down and just for me? How to get out of this?

Sometimes when you are the only who cannot view the website, just like the notification said the insider secrets of buy links discovered. Before you going on a craze and screaming “why is it just me?”, there are a few things that you should consider. The most common reason for this is that your IP has been banned by the site, which is why you cannot access the website. Wondering why your IP got banned when you have not done anything wrong (at least to that specific website or the site owner)? It is not necessarily you who did something wrong but someone who are in the same IP range with you did something and as a result the site banned the whole IP range, sometime the whole country IP is banned. In the other words, you are just collateral damage. In some cases, this might be just a temporary ban so come back link later and you can access the site normally. But if it is a permanent ban then the least you can do is to try contact the webmaster to explain about the situation.

There is also another common reason: the one who was banned is not you but the website itself backlinking. In some countries (some Asian countries for example) where the internet is strictly monitored by the government, when a website is considered “not good to the ruling party”, the government will order the internet link wheel service providers to ban that particular website to prevent average users from accessing that site’s information. The most visible evidence is that when you are in China, you cannot access Google or Youtube which are the most popular sites on the planet link wheellink building service. Well in this case, is it down for everyone or just me does not fit the description anymore, this is just pure censorship put up by the government.

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So, how can you by pass this blockage and help you to access the website? Simple, you can utilize proxy to fake your IP and you can easily access the blocked website. One of the most popular methods is to change the DNS configuration of your network link wheel service. Google DNS is available for free for you to use. If changing the DNS is not working in some cases, try using a proxy tool when you browse the web. A few popular tools including hotspot shield, AnonymousX, etc. which you can download for free. If you have a lot of needs for proxy then you can also consider getting yourself a free virtual private network (VPN) link building service, it is more secure and anonymous. With this you never have to ask yourself the down or just me question anymore, no more blocked site.

Hopefully, this article will point out the problems and help you solve the puzzle of is it just me when you cannot access a certain website.